Legal Eagle has come back to Keelona

LegleEagle comes back to Keelona August, 2011

I am excited to post that LegalEagle has come back to Keelona after an incredible career in the dressage ring with Renee O’Leary.

LegalEagle, 840003 233 1213 002000, stem P008, In the main registry of The American Holsteiner Association. By Love Affair out of my Merano Mare, Lisel MM Hol.

In July of this year Renee contacted me about Eagle and asked if I would like to have him back at Keelona. My first thought was no. I didn’t know Eagle, he had been injured which resulted had lymphangitis in his back right leg. Renee convinced me to come and see him and go out on a ride with him. Well I fell in love with Eagle and his gentle nature. He is a 17.1 giant and is as quiet and calm as they come. I brought him home that day.  This is a wonderful homecoming for Eagle. He was bred and born here and his dam, Lisel, is here on the farm as well. My Mother, Virginia Klumpp,  needed to sell him in 2003 and Renee Oleary of Old Raptor Farm in Louisa, VA purchased him.  Terri Impson took him on for training and had an incredible career with him. As a four year old in 2004 Eagle was named the USDF Materiale Horse of The Year for 4-5 Year old colts and geldings with a median score of 81.6% He also won The Born In The USA award for the Material at Dressage at Devon.

Eagle will have a new job with me as my Fox Hunter. He loves the job and is happy to be out in the field and out of the ring.
Thank you to Renee for sending him back to the farm. I know that My mother would be very happy with this turn of events.

LegalEagle wins Dressage at Devon in 2004

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  1. stacimyoung-modena says:

    Legal Eagle is the tallest horse I have ever had the pleasure of sitting on Lucia!! It was a thrill a minute to be out there with you today. Your Mom is such a presence at Keelona Farm…Its peace and overwhelming beauty Left me walking on air the rest of the day and I know it is truly heaven on earth for both HORSES and their PEOPLE! I look forward to more times together and thank you for sharing it with me!!! xxoxxxo, Stac

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