Welcome to Keelona Farm

Legal Eagle wins Dressage at Devon 2004

Hi and thanks for checking out Keelona’s web site or more correctly blog! I have decided to dive into the blog format and bypass the traditional website. Hope that this works and I hope that you will let me know.

With this blog I am planning to expand into the many different levels of the farm:

I am going to have the horses for sale – very important and the fuel that keeps the fire burning. Check out the horses for sale under the “Pages” menu.

Rentals and boarding – I have two houses here and an incredible horse facility that are ready to move in. It’s a big farm.

My Mother,  Virginia Ann Klumpp – This will be my opportunity to share her life, photographs, art, and incredible equine knowledge through her many writings. She was an amazing Horsewoman and deserves a true tribute.

Information on the horses in general – News, winnings, what they are doing

And lastly, My Pages,  Lucia Evans-Morse –  where I can share my design work, family, animals, art, and my general thoughts and ideas.

Please check back and stick with me. It might be another interesting ride.

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