Lucia Evans-Morse

I was born in Charlottesville at The UVA Hospital in 1963. I was brought home from the hospital to the house, Keelona, that I live in now. I grew up in Northern Virginia, however we visited Keelona often and spent holidays and summer vacations there. In 1978, I went to Verde Valley School in Sedona Arizona to finish high school. Those were wonderful carefree days that I focused on my art and enjoyed the open freedom of riding in the Sedona landscape. In 1981, I went to the opposite end of the country, Portland Maine, to attend Maine College of Art – then it was called Portland School of Art. I graduated from there in 1985 with a BFA in design.

I met Chuck in Portland and we were married in 1988. In 1991 Chuck and I moved back to Keelona. We had 12 happy years living in the cottage. My Grandparents, Ginny and Ted were living in the main house. My Mother, Virginia was living adjacent to the main house. My Aunt Kathie was living upon the hill. Chuck and I nestled into the cottage and began our family. Bayard was born in 1993 and Teddy was born in 1995. I followed the same path as my mother did. Choosing to deliver both boys at the UVA Hospital and bringing them home to Keelona. In 1993, we now had four generations of our family living at Keelona.

In 1997, Grandfather Ted died at 94. Ginny died in 2003 at 97 years old. Chuck and I were able to buy the main house in 2004. In 2008 my Mother passed away. Chuck and I were left with her major horse operation. At the time, she had 18 horses that were all breed stock for her American Holsteiner breeding program. In a few year’s time, we made some hard decisions, shrunk the herd and turned the horse side of the farm into a first class boarding and show retirement barn.

Fast forward to today, 2018. My oldest son Bayard is living in Brooklyn and is a Printmaker. He freelances and is working as adjunct faculty at School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. Teddy is finishing up his college experience with a theater degree at University of Santa Cruz. He will graduate in June and come back east.

Other than my family and the farm I also own a successful floral and retail shop in Charlottesville. Tourterelle Floral Design. We focus on weddings and events and also have two very lovely retail gift locations. When I am able, I love to trail ride and fox hunt.